Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Busy Day Today! Or At Least It Feels Like It...

Well the Tallow and Whiskey shaving soap didn't get made today.  So I'll put that on my list to get done tomorrow.

But what I did today since all orders were caught up on and send out already was to make a batch of Tallow Shaving Cream!   I will also be making a batch of 20% Shea Shaving Cream that contains, 20% shea butter later this week or next week.  Both of these shaving cream will have the same lather expected with PC products and will be moisturizing to the skin as well.   The shaving Tallow Shaving Cream will be ready in about a week or two.  I like it give it awhile to mellow out before selling.

I also made 1300 grams (2.9 pounds) batch of oils for bath soaps.  I master batched the oils so I can divide them out and make 4 smaller batches of bath soaps with them.  The nice thing about master batching the oils is you measure them out once, melt them and then because they are a mixture of hard oils and liquid oils when they come back to room temp it's the consistency of a really runny pudding.   So I will just need to weigh out the amount needed for the batch of soap I am working on and I can add my liquid and lye solution directly into them without heating them.  This is also called the Room Temp Cold Process Soap Method.

The recipe that I used for this is one that I made quite some time ago and I recently sold the last bar from that batch that was 2 years old.  Perfect as the day it was made, but like wine, soap also gets better as it ages.

The oils that I used for this particular recipe include:  In no particular order other than the order I add them into my bowl.  Solid oils followed by liquid oils.   Palm Oil, Tallow, Palm Kernel Oil, Coconut Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Avocado Oil and Olive Oil.

To that I will also add an egg because it makes a more moisturizing bar of soap, salt, sugar, kaolin clay (or talc) along with titanium dioxide and various other soap safe colorants.  The liquid may be beer, buttermilk, coconut milk or goats milk or even carrot juice.  Sodium Lactate will also be added because it makes a harder bar which it's greatly appreciated in the long run.  Harder bars last longer!   Fragrance will also be added to make it smell wonderful and a vanilla stabilizer may be used if the fragrance contains vanilla.  Scents that contain vanilla will discolor cold process soap from a light tan to a deep dark brown depending on how much vanilla the fragrance contains.  Last but not least raw silk fibers will be dissolved into the lye solution when it's made up.

I absolutely love the feel of a cold process soap on the skin that is well formulated and balanced.  To much coconut oil, palm kernel oil or babassu oil is drying to the skin.  While these oils are wonderfully moisturizing in their original state, they have different properties when saponified (changed into) soap with lye.   That's why I have learned how balance my recipes so they have great lather without being harsh on the skin.  I do feel most soapers don't use enough castor oil which not only gives great lather but is also actually moisturizing to the skin when it's saponified and made into soap with lye.

I also ordered a gallon (7 lbs) bottle of Avocado Oil.  I use avocado oil in several products that I make and I plan on using it even more in bath soaps.   So I figured it would be smarter to order a gallon rather than just a pound of it.   Another day I'll post about the benefits of avocado oil as well as highlight and post about the various other ingredients that I use.  

I also had a meeting at the school this morning for my son.  It was a routine Assessment Plan for his IEP.   Assessing where he is now, and what needs to be done yet and see how far he has come in the last three years.  But also what to do to prepare him for grade 7 next year.   Hopefully this transition can be done smoothly without him needing to be hospitalized in child psych for suicide.  The last time we had major changes in school it didn't go over smoothly and we want to avoid that at all costs.  I suggested that he shadow someone for the day and his teacher said there were about three others in the class that would also benefit from that so they are going to do that so he doesn't feel singled out that he is the only one who needs that.   Also picking out his locker ahead of time and starting to figure out where he is going to need one on one services with a para and someone to help with keeping him organized for classes.     The joys of having a child with aspergers and ADHD.  Many years ago, long before I even got married I worked with the developmentally disabled in a group home.  This poem was one that was always handed out at IEP's and it's full a lot of truths.

On my list of things to do tomorrow is to make that batch of Tallow and Whiskey shaving soap and make a batch of two of bath soaps.  Now just to decide on what scent to make those bath soaps.........

I also updated this post as well with a photo of the bath soap #917 Paradise Reef after it came out of the mold.

This afternoon I also made some changes on my website.  I made two sub-categories for the Tallow & Lanolin shaving soap and the Beer Tallow and Lanolin shaving soap.  When you click on either of these two links you will be given a choice if you want to see the shaving soaps that have been made already or if you want one that needs to be made after it's ordered in a scent of your choice from the large selection of scent options that I offer.  Then eventually I will remove the "ready to ship shaving soaps" link.   Both of these shaving soaps are made with the same basic recipe and the only difference is the liquid used to make them.  I also labeled the one as Aloe Tallow & Lanolin Shaving Soap since the liquid used in it is aloe vera juice while the other is made with the liquid being Blue Moon Beer.

I'm beat tonight so the kids are going to make taco's for supper and I can retire to my bed with my kindle while I wait for pain meds to kick in.   

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