Sunday, March 28, 2010

Boxes, Samples & Labels

After searching for quite some time I finally found the right sized box to put my shave soap pucks into.   I have ordered two different sizes and the larger box for the 5 oz pucks will arrive on Tuesday and the smaller sized box for the 3 oz pucks will arrive on Wednesday.

I am really excited about being able to package them in boxes in the future and I think you will like them as well.   I'll get a picture of it just as soon as they arrive.

In a soapmaking group that I belong to we made a group buy to get a discount on soap molds and stamps made by the Milky Way company.   Most people use their molds with melt and pour soaps, but by brushing on a thin layer of mineral oil inside the mold they can be used for cold process soap.    We managed to pull together well over the $1,000 needed to get the 55% discount and our members paid the host.  She made the order and after they arrived to her, she split it up and mailed everyone out their order.  Mine will be here this week !!!!!

I ordered several of the guest soap rectangular trays.  These will be used to make sample bars to include as free gifts with purchase.  I will get 15 bars from each mold, and they will weigh about 1.5 ounces.  I'm really excited to be able to make these up to include with buyers orders.

But then I couldn't resist ordering some cute shaped molds as well as some soap stamps to try out.   So you can look forward to seeing more than just rectangular or circular soaps from me in the future all made with cold process soap.

I've got a new shipment of bottles and jars arriving this week as well.   I decided to go with the white malibu bottles instead of the natural colored ones.   I ordered three sizes, 2oz, 4oz and 6oz all with black lids.    I also ordered more 4 oz white jars with white lids for the various products that go into jars.  

Because I've started using a new program to create my labels, I did a little revamping on those as well.  I'm going to continue going with the flower for the womens labels and the bronc rider for my mens, but I just changed the look a little bit. (The natural colored malibu bottles are shown in the picture)

The little white jar on the bottom on the left side doesn't have it's new and improved label.  But as you can see the jar (and some bottles) labels will now go all the way around rather than a label on the front and back of the jar and they will have a black border around them. 


Holly said...

It's all so exciting! Your products will look fab as always!

tanyachappell said...

Love the new labels! :)