Monday, January 23, 2012

Orange Julius Smoothie

We have had this particular blender that I got from walmart for quite some time and we really love it.   The best thing is that it's not the big blender so you can make individual serving size drinks and clean up is so much easier and faster.   We drink our smoothies right from the cup we mix it in.

Tonight we experimented with making our own single serve Orange Julius.  Remember that refreshing vanilla orange baby asprin tasting beverage!

Here is my recipe.  Since I use my scale for crafts I find I like using it for cooking as well.   It sure beats trying to measure some things in measuring cups that's for sure.   I just zero out my scale each time I add an ingredient so I'm not messing up any other dishes to make clean-up faster.  I also prefer to weigh in grams because it's more accurate than ounces.  There are 28 grams to the ounce.   If your a little over or under it's no big deal at all. 

85 grams frozen orange juice concentrate
115 grams skim milk
30 grams of sugar (more or less to taste, or use splenda to taste since it has a different weight than sugar)
Small dash of vanilla about 1/4 teaspoon but you don't need to dirty a measuring spoon for this
115 grams CRUSHED ice *

We have an ice machine that crushes the ice cubes it makes.  Don't try this in this small blender with large ice cubes, it's not made to handle that load.   Use a large regular sized blender instead.

Once you measure all your ingredients, blend until smooth.   Pulsing as needed and taking the canister off as needed to shake.   It's all contained with the lid so you can do that with this type of blender.    Wash the top part with the blending blades right away and let air dry for the next time it's used.

Best of all enjoy a cool refreshing smoothie !!!

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