Friday, February 8, 2013

It's time for a silly moment singing my variation of the gummy bear song....

No I haven't quite lost all my marbles yet.....  But it was time to give my three dogs a treat.   But not just any treat as there are quite a number of them that should be avoided like the plague!

One of the dog treats that we offer our crew is Yummy Chummies!!!!!   But I call them Chummie Yummies.  I got them awhile back as a sample with my order from and I've been back to buy more since.

All three of our dogs just love them.  There are a lot of dog treats that should be avoided, especially those that contain a lot of wheat flour and are just flavored with a meat flavoring and may or may not contain any or very little actual meat.  Dogs don't digest grains so why give it to them.  Dogs need meat!  When I think of that I think of that little ol' lady from the 80's saying "Where's the beef?"

Other treats that MUST be avoided are chicken jerkey type treats.  There are very few brands that are okay, blue buffalo is one that is okay to offer and I think Wellness may also have one.  The reason they should be avoided is they contain chicken from china and sadly these treats are killing our dogs and the FDA can't figure out why.  So that is why there isn't a recall on them, but the FDA has put out some warnings but that is all they can do until they figure out the actual reason.    Some brands to avoid are Waggin Train, Canyon Creek and Milo's Kitchen Home Style dog treats.

If you want to give your dog chicken jerkey treats, just buy some chicken breast that is boneless and skinless from the grocery store where you buy your meat.  Cut it into thin strips and bake in the oven.  You can google an actual recipe if you look it up.  Better yet, just give that chicken cut up into small pieces RAW to your dog as a treat!  Less work involved in that process and it's much better for your dog.  We now have two of our three dogs on a RAW diet also known as the prey model raw diet.  They absolutely LOVE it, but if it's not done correctly it's even worse than a really bad kibble dog food.  But raw bits of meat of any type is wonderful for your dog as a treat!  Just watch them gobble it up!   Next time your out shopping check to see what is on sale and stock up.  If it's meat with bones, just cut around the bones so there is a good bit of meat around the bone and offer it to them as a snack.  Raw bones including chicken bones are good for dogs.   Avoid cooked or even smoked bones for dogs.  I give that particular treat outside, even in the winter.  Just on nicer winter days because of the cold.  They love pork chop bones and ribs as well as they are often on sale around here.   Feed the best that you can afford.   To learn more about the dog food (for meals) that you offer check out this site.   Please consider changing if your current food is rated a 1-3 star food.  As questions on the site as well by many people who are experienced and know their stuff.

okay off that soapbox, no pun intended.....

There are several types available but with 3 dogs, a little bag just doesn't cut it with our crew.    I buy the big 2.5 pound bag for them and I choose to buy the 95% salmon variety. 

So while I give them their chummie yummies i sing my variation of the gummy bear song.  It makes me laugh.....  and one of my dogs does remind me of a little fluffy bear so that's why I also sing the chummy bear song to him when he gets his treat.

You have to admit the tune is catchy, upbeat and fun to sing......
Thanks to my kids for finding this on youtube some time ago and sharing it with me.

.... now it's time to get back to work in the kitchen....  I'll update later what I'm making today!  And it's NOT food like yesterday!

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