Saturday, July 18, 2009

Today my soap pot has been very busy

I've made several batches of soap. Each log will give me 13 bars of soap and each bar will weigh between 5.5 oz and 6 ounces so they aren't small bars!

Last night I made a batch of soap with my beef tallow and it was scented with Green Apple. This just happens to also be my oldest daughters favorite scent.

Today so far I've made 2 logs of soap before I ran out of premixed lye and needed to mix more up. Those two fragrances are bay rum and cool spring (made with tallow) for the men.

That gives me a total of 39 bars of soap just from those three batches. Or a total of about 13.4 pounds of soap total. But they do smell wonderful !!!!

All of these soaps are made with goat's milk and I'm really enjoying working with the beef tallow that i've rendered down.

I'd like to get another log or two made yet tonight, but at the moment i've got brownies in the oven for the kids and when I make soap I like to work on my flat top stove. That way if anything tips or spills most of the mess will be contained and won't drip onto the floor.

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