Monday, August 3, 2009

New Soaps

The last few days I've made several batches of soap. So it's been really busy around here for my soap pot!

But I made some Dragon's Blood scented soap made with "Moose Drool" Beer, which is a dark ale.

And then I made batch number 14 of my shaving soaps. Today I got my Tabac shaving soap which is a tallow based commercial made one from Germany and I compared the two. The tabac was a bit thicker and denser than mine but they were close. (At least I thought they were.) Hubby shaved with both of them tonight and the lather lasted the entire shave and stayed thick and dense. So I think I'm on the right track. So here are some pictures of it. Then of course i had to sit down and formulate another that I made up tonight.

  • I made a smaller batch with 5 bars scented with sweet grass.
  • And another smaller batch with 5 bars scented with Flavors of the Caribbean.
  • The batch scented with Mango Passion Tea is actually still in the mold as I am typing this but it should be ready to come out soon. That will give me about 9 bars.
  • Then last but not least I made up my 15th batch of my sample shaving soap. Now i'm done. Until I hear back from all my testers that I need to tweak. But I hope I've nailed it with one of these.

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