Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Loot Arrives !!!

Nothing like getting 16 bottles (each 1 lb bottles) of Vanilla Stabilizer.  Of course not all these are mine all but 4 are going out to various soaping friends of mine.  We did this to get a better deal on shipping, especially for those across the border in Canada.

Vanilla Stabilizer is a great product used to keep soaps from turning brown when fragrances oils that contain vanilla are used in them.    This is really nice to use so the soap can be colored and still look really pretty.   And there are so many wonderful scents.... that contain vanilla.  Which is where this will come in really handy.


Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

Will this work in CP soap too? I've yet to find a stabilizer that works in CP soap!

kris said...

Yes this one does work in CP soap.

This is the description from BitterCreek.

Finally a Vanilla Stabilizer for Cold Process Soap! Works great in Melt & Pour Soap too! This product helps keep your soaps from turning brown when using vanilla fragrances*.
*May not work in all vanilla based fragrances, depending on the other components in the fragrance. Testing is recommended.

Instructions: Add equal amounts of this liquid to your fragrance oil (for every 1 oz of fragrance oil, add 1 oz of stabilizer). This liquid is not oil soluble, so it will not seem to mix with the fragrance oil, but that is normal. Vanilla Stabilizer has a strong chemical odor out of the bottle, but it will not affect the fragrance of the finished product. Sold by weight not volume.