Monday, February 22, 2010

New Blog Look

Last night i couldn't sleep so I took some time to make some changes to my blog.   So the flowers are gone, and my bronc rider is in, along with a splash of the red bandanna and a splash of red.

I'm a country girl at heart so I'm liking this and I hope you won't feel you need some eye bleach after reading it.   I found a great site for blog templates.   They are super simple to use without having to download anything.   So I just might update it now and again for short periods of time with various holiday templates.

If you like the look and want to do the same, go ahead and check out,  Just look for the blogger code and follow the directions.  You don't change them like most other templates so that's why it's important to read their short but sweet directions.   Which is super simple to do and create a new template.

I'm not overly fond of the right side of the page column but I think i'll get use to it.  They have a lot of templates to offer.  Granted they are all the same layout but  they do have some cute ones.  But most of all, there is nothing to download the code is right there for you.

Another similar site that has the code built right in without needing to download with even more choices is,  They also use the same layout but just different graphis.  MANY CHOICES on this one.  You do have to enter the code differently than the jellypages but it's easy to do.  Once you enter the new code it may not support some of the gadgets you had such as labels and whatnot.  But you can go back and re-enter them and they will then show up.

Just thought I would share these two great sites for getting various blog templates without having to download anything and keeping your computer safe.


Holly said...

I was all over those kind of sites yesterday too. I just love changing my blog look. I really like the new look for your blog. It fits with the prairie part. I'm a country girl at heart too. Love it!

Kim said...

Very cute, I like it a lot. I've been looking for one myself so thanks for the links:)

Topcat said...

I think it suits your name and your style, so I love it too :D