Monday, February 22, 2010

New Essential Oils

Today my order for essential oils came in.   I needed to restock a few and while I was shopping I picked up two more.

I picked up Sweet Orange Essential Oil.  But most people don't realize that while it smells wonderful it's also not a scent that sticks around for a long period of time.  Orange is known to fade, so I picked up the 5x version which is stronger and made to retain it's scent longer.

Sweet Orange also contains some anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties making it ideal to use in skin care products.  It's scent is also known to calm and bring inner peace in a person.   Plus it just smells yummy.

The other new essential oil that I picked up was Pine Needle.  This smells very earthy and with that a light pine scent.   According to what is known about this particular essential oil it's been used by the Native Americans to put in their mattresses to ward off lice and fleas.  Somehow I don't think you will be storing your soap in your mattresses to take advantage of this.   But other traditional uses are to ease breathing and to stimulate the immune system and increase energy.  It's also been used to help relieve muscle and joint aches.  According to it's emotional profile it's used to help with regrets, self-blame and feelings of inadequacy.

Please keep in mind that the benefits of essential oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. I don't make any medical claims about the essential oils that I use other than they are added for their scent.  

I plan on making another order for other fragrances oils from another supplier and while i am restocking those fragrance oil s I plan on adding a few essential oils into my cart as well.  

To read more about all the essential oils that I use and carry you can find them on the following link.

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Topcat said...

I love sweet orange but it does fade. I have a valencia orange eo that sticks a little better. Pine is wonderful in so many blends :)