Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday ~ Feb 14

Happy Valentines day to everyone.   I hope you had a wonderful day regardless of your relationship status.  It isn't just a day about love, but about the value of friendships as well.

Today was pretty laid back day around here.  My hubby who works for a grain elevator was told the other day that they were going to have to work today to load a 110 train.   Least to say he was glad for the recent snowfalls that we have had that prevented the train from coming in.  So he got the day off.   However he does need to go in about 5:30 tomorrow morning instead.

We opted to stay home instead of going out because our son has been pretty "wild" the last few days and I personally didn't want to take him into a nice restaurant and have a situation to deal with.    But we also tend to do things as a family, even on holidays rather than get a sitter and go out alone.   Last week he had an apt to get new glasses so I went with him and since the kids were in school we did go out for dinner at a nice place, just the two of us.

So he's out right now cooking steaks on the grill (in the garage) even though it's 10`F out.  So sweet of him to do that.......

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Holly said...

It sounds like you had a really nice day! Restaurants are fun but it's fun to stay home too and just relax.