Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tallow & Lanolin Shave Soap is back in the testing mode

I've had my tallow & lanolin shave soap on the back burner for awhile now and it's time to complete that goal.  The first batch that I made didn't quite measure up so I took it back to the drawing board and tweaked my recipe.

I've already made up that new recipe and it looks promising. I'll be testing it out tonight and if it looks good to me it will be mailed out to my testers.   I have 6 people who have been asked (and agreed) to test this new version of shave soap for me.   Those will be mailed out soon and I hope to get some results back soon from them.

But I won't be just adding the lanolin into shave soap, but also into my bath soap as well.   I have found that in a bath soap it makes a noticeable difference in how it moisturizes the skin.

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Topcat said...

Sounds like a winner! You have got me very keen to try a lanolin soap now :)