Tuesday, April 6, 2010

kiss kiss smooch, who's got kissable lips?

For me a good lip balm is as essential as the air we breath.  It's one of those things that I just can't live without.   Over time I have tried buying various brands found in stores but I never found one that I liked.  The latest brand that I tried was NIVEA a kiss of Moisture, Hydrating Lip Care. (given the name, I thought it would be awesome stuff, but I was very disappointed .)   But to me this seemed to dry my lips out even more and it didn't feel very good.  Least to say it didn't feel very moisturizing either. I bought that on a whim when I was away from home and caught without my lip balm.

I had made lip balm for myself for quite some time, but I never used a recipe.   I would just keep adding and tweaking until I had a product that I liked.  I would keep that as a base, then remove a little to melt down, flavor and pour into a tube. 

But because I had several requests from customers to add a lip balm into my line I decided to sit down and come up with an actual recipe.   A friend of mine shared her basic lip balm recipe with me, so thank you Lindy for that and I took her basic recipe and used the same percents for the beeswax, cocoa butter and coconut oil.  But I split up the liquid oil percents into several various oils that include avocado oil, evening primrose oil, fractionated coconut oil and lanolin.   Lanolin is really moisturizing and there are several well known name brand lip balms that do use lanolin.  And in my lip balm I don't use a great deal of it, but enough to make a difference and it doesn't leave your lips feeling sticky or tacky.  

So I took my new recipe and made some up, and was I ever BLOWN over.  This new recipe was better than any other "batch" that I had ever made up before.  It feels fabulous on the lips and I don't ever get a dried out feeling that I have gotten with others.  It's very silky feeling, if that's possible.   Plus it's made with wonderful natural ingredients.   I do add a little flavor oil to give the lip balm a touch of flavor which is not natural, but such a small amount is used and it's still wonderful even though it's used.  

I have 6 flavors to pick from or you can have it left natural and unflavored.  
* Honey
* Bubble Gum
* Coconut
* Raspberry
* Pina Colada
* Mango
* Unflavored
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They are sold by the single tube or you can get a better price when you buy three at once.  When you buy three you can choose the flavors that you want.  So they can be all the same or the can be different.


tanyachappell said...


Artisan Soaps said...

Looking good Krissy!

I'd love to hear your thought so the Lip Conditioner I sent you *hint hint* ;)

I love it but my own daughter thinks it's to heavy :(

Kim said...

Glad you found one you really love. And your packaging is just gorgeous!

Kim said...

Glad you found one you love. Your packaging is just gorgeous!

Anne-Marie said...

Your lip balm sounds scrumptious and lanolin is SO good for your skin. I would probably pick coconut =)

WayneU said...

Those all look and sound so yummy. Definitely kissable.