Saturday, May 8, 2010

Samples - shaving soap

I recently received a new slab mold to make my shaving soap samples in.  These will be different than the bath soap samples sent out.

The shaving soap samples will be square in shape and will measure 1.9" square, which will be a nice size for lathering with your brush, or it could be used directly on the face if you prefer a shave stick. Plenty for several shaves.  They will weigh aprox 1/2 ounce as well.    They will be packaged in a glassine bag as shown.

I do plan on tucking a little something extra into your packages when I can.  So if I happen to forget please forgive me.   But it's something I plan on doing.  But it might not always be shave soap, but could be a sample of the many other products that I make.   My bath soap samples will continue to be larger and will be rectangular in size.  Although I do have some shave soap samples that are rectangular as well, so read the label if you should get one.

I haven't decided if I will offer samples for sale or not yet.   IF i do, they will be on limited scents depending on what I have made up or what is requested that I add.  With the idea in mind that someone would buy them for travel or so someone can test the quality of the soap before committing to a larger purchase.  Each batch of samples makes up 16 square samples, so I don't want to get into making every single flavor that I have.    I could make the samples larger if needed as well,   

One idea that I have been tossing around, is to have a sampler package. Each sample square would have a larger weight of 1 ounce, and you would receive one of the tallow shave soap, and one of the tallow & lanolin shave soap.  Possibly a 1 oz sample size of my ASB or ASM or both, as well as part of the set.  Maybe even a sample of bath soap and lotion as well.  There would be no scent option but rather what was in stock at the time as these sets would be made up ahead of time.  However I would post what they were scented with so you would know ahead of time before they were purchased. 

If you have any suggestions or input regarding selling samples to try the quality of the product before buying a larger size, (or for travel) please post a reply to this blog entry. 

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