Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Deer Tallow Soaps

My oldest daughter harvested her first deer this past Friday.  The season opened at noon on Friday and when her dad got home from work that evening they went out together.  We had put up a blind on some pasture area out behind my uncles farm.  We have harvested many deer back there so we hoped she would as well.

Sure enough she was lucky enough to harvest a beautiful doe.  It was a perfect textbook shot and I'm so proud of her.  I should also mention the bullets were made by Willy.  They were made just for that gun, with a load specific to shooing a deer.

That's my girl !!!  She fired only one shot this deer hunting season.  That shell will be made into a keepsake for her.   Last season the weather was really weird and she didn't fill her tag.  But then later in November the weather was still really weird and neither Willy or I filled our tags either along with many others in the state.

We boned out the deer and Willy saved me the tallow from the body along with saving me the tallow from around the kidney as well.   Today I rendered down that tallow.   I've only done the first straining (I strain it about six times to make sure it's clean) so far so I don't know how much tallow I have yet.  But I'm really excited about making soap with the tallow from this critter.

I'll also be using other supporting oils to make a well balanced bar.  I'll also be using palm kernel oil, coconut oil, unrefined shea butter, castor oil and canola oil.   Kylie decided she wanted this batch to be scented with lime fragrance oil.  Perfect for both males and females.  She wants to give her grandpa a bar.  He couldn't be around for the hunt or hanging of it but she did call him with her exciting news.  But she isn't quite convinced that she wants to wash with the soap herself.  But after she see's it, I think she might be convinced.

So this batch will just be for personal use and gifts for special friends.  Once I get the soap made I'll post some pictures.

Now I'm even more excited for deer hunting in November for the adult season......

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