Saturday, July 24, 2010

3 new scents

I needed to place an order for some supplies, and somehow three scents just happened to fall into my cart. 

Bay Rum
Aromatic Notes: Blend of Bay Leaves and Orange Peel

I am not overly thrilled with my current "Tobacco" scent as I find it fairly weak.  Just as a reminder that tobacco doesn't smell like a burning cigarette but rather the tobacco leaf and usually has hints of cherry in it.   So I found this one.  It has some really good reviews so I hope it's a better choice.
Aromatic Notes: Cherrywood, Raspberry, Vanilla, Tobacco

This one caught my eye and I just had to order some to check it out. 
Barber Shoppe
It is a new scent for the company and doesn't have a written description of it, but it does have one review so far and this is what that person had to say about it. "Reminiscent of olden day barber shoppe aroma. A very sexy manly scent. Scent stays very strong in soap and is a good seller."

There is another company (one i haven't ordered from before but many of my friends have) that I am trying to figure out what new scents I want to order and I hope to get that figured out soon.   As there are a few feminine and a few masculine scents that I want to acquire.  If there are any scents in particular that you would like me to consider adding please reply to this blog to let me know. 

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