Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baseball ~ Twins VS White Sox

Last weekend we had tickets for a baseball game in the twin cities.  We had amazing seats and we sat in the first row behind the dugout for the White Sox team.   Right in front of us was where the video camera and the media sat to the left of that was the dugout.   It's the blue area in the box marked 11 where our seats were on the photo below. 

Having such awesome seats made it a lot more fun.  All the pictures that I took were taken with my camera either with no zoom or with very little zoom.   The twins won that night which made it even more fun.

Here are some pictures of our evening.....
Pre-Game in the hotel in Bloomington waiting for the taxi to take us over to the Mall of America where we took the subway over to Target Field.   This kids were really excited !!!! 

At the ballpark right after we found our seats.  It had just stopped raining, so it was pretty wet.   The kids are leaning on the roof of the dugout for the White Sox, or seats were to the right of that.

Before the game, the twins mascot making his rounds on the field as they did their pre-game activities.

They uncovered the field and were smoothing everything out to get it ready for the game.  I never realized so much went into preparing the field.  While they did that a lot of other pre-game activities were going on. 

Ok so I snuck my camera out during the national anthem.   But I had never been to a pro-ball game before so I just had to.  I'm sure I wasn't the only one who did that.  The White Sox players.   Whooo hooo no zoom either.

And singing the national anthem was a group of people.   This was taken from my seat, to which there were two seats to my right and then the wall.  *grins*  No zoom for this either.

Getting ready to begin the game !!!!  No zoom as you can see the media pit right in front of me.

More getting ready for the game......

Very little zoom used for this pict.....  You can tell which picts I used zoom and which ones I didn't.  I didn't crop any of these pictures except the very top one of the kids sitting at the hotel waiting for the taxi.   How cool is that !!!

^^^^^^ Check out the size of his camera lens ^^^^^^

And The Twins WIN !!!!

Post game interview.  I don't know the guy who is doing the interview but he was in the box in front of us for awhile until the game was over and he was holding an ESPN mic.   He's partly blocked by the player.

And they light up the sign, you really can't see it well in the photo but it has lights shooting through it and would light up.  Really pretty.  The sky was getting nasty because of the storm moving in.  I won't go into details about the storm that hit minutes later, but least to say we could hear the city tornado sirens going off and we got soaked to the bone from the rain.

Now for the fun stuff.  We came home with three balls.  Each of the kids got a ball.  Case was the first.  The manager of the Sox kept making faces at Case to get his attention, when he couldn't do that he resorted to throwing sunflower seeds at him.  Then they exchanged facial expressions for awhile before he tossed him a ball.  It was new with just a few scuff marks so we wondered if it wasn't used in practice.  They were about 3-4 feet apart.

Then Lizzy in a way came away with two balls but she gave Kylie one.   The people behind us mentioned how it paid to be cute at this game.   They had a ball on the field and the umpire threw a new ball at the pitcher and there was a ball on the field close to home plate.  The one they had been using.  So rather than pick it up they just rolled it off the field and it went right in front of the guy who was running the tv camera.  He picked it up and gave it to Lizzy.   I showed her the ball and told her that it had dirt on it.  She calmly responded with "that's ok, I'll wash it when I get home."   Then not long after that they pulled another ball off the field in the same way.  But this time it rolled over to where the next batter for the sox was warming up.   He looked around and made it a point to point at Lizzy and threw it to her.  She was busy eating her sunflower seeds so Kylie caught it for her.

Once we got back to our hotel room we ordered some awesome pizza and talked about the game and how much fun we had.


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