Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Jars and Bottles Ordered !!!!! ~~~ and some great jars for samples

While I'm not out of my amber jars yet that I use for my tallow & lanolin shaving soap I came to realize awhile ago that the company that I ordered them from has discontinued most of their amber jars and bottles.  Well all of them that I use at least.

But because I was planning on ordering different jars for my DdC shaving soap that were a tad wider in diameter I decided to go ahead and order them to use for both shaving soaps.   Once the amber jars are used up I will transition to the white jars for my tallow and lanolin shaving soap.

But I also wanted my entire line to match I decided to order other white jars and bottles while I was at it.   But I will be keeping the red lettering with the prairie schooner wagon logo as it's very fitting to my business name and location to where I live.    Plus I just love that time era, although I wouldn't want to live with the hardships they had back then but I still love reading about it.

I ordered white 4 oz jars for my shaving creams.  To which I will be making more KISS shaving cream this week along with maybe a shea shaving cream as well for shea lovers.   But my tallow shaving cream is in stock. 

I also have had a number of requests for shave sticks as I use to offer them in the past.  So once again I will be offering shave sticks.  I went with the white push up tubes that have a screw on cap.  I've ordered these in the past and they are really nice tubes.   This is what they look like for those that are wondering.

I also ordered both 1 oz and 2 oz bottles for my pre-shave oil.  I decided to also offer this in 1 oz bottles.  It will have a flip top cap to make it easy to use.   For those that travel a bit of electrical tape wrapped around the cap will prevent it from leaking in transit.  Just a hint to throw out to anyone who travels with liquids.  The electrical tape won't leave a sticky residue on the bottle.

I also ordered 2 oz and 4 oz Malibu tubes.   The 2 oz will be used for aftershave balm and the 4 oz for lotion.  The nice thing about this type of container which I used in the past (but with black caps) is that you use gravity to your advantage to get every last bit of the contents out.   For those that travel a bit of electrical tape (which is very cheap) will keep it from leaking in transit without leaving residue on the bottle.  Just wrap it around the cap a few times to prevent the flip top part from opening by accident.  If you want to make double sure it doesn't open then while your wrapping it continue the wrap onto the body of the bottle.   This is how it will arrive to you in the mail to ensure it doesn't open while in transit.   

With all these new containers I will be looking at my prices to see if I need to adjust them based on the cost of my old containers VS the new ones.  But while I am looking at that I will also be looking at my cost of materials (ingredients) in how much their prices have increased since I set my prices some time ago.  

Last but not least I also ordered three smaller sized jars.......

I will continue to let the customer select their own free gift with purchase with a variety of items and scents to choose from but I am also going to add a selection of samples in larger sizes than the free ones that can be purchased.  That way people can select them for travel or new customers can select them to try my products out before buying a full size product. 

The 1/4 oz jar which is about 7 grams will be used for free samples of aftershave balm that can be selected as your free gift with purchase.

The 1/2 oz jar which is about 14 grams will be used for two things.  It will be used for shaving cream samples that can be selected as your free gift with purchase.   But  they will also be used for those that want to purchase samples of aftershave balm.   The purchased samples will have the option to have it made with the scent of the customers choice.

The 1 oz jar which is about 18 grams will be used for the purchased samples of shaving cream.  However the actual weight of the contents will be slightly less than 1 oz from.  I know this as my 4 oz jars by volume actually hold 3 oz of shaving cream nicely and could maybe accommodate a little more depending on the cream and it's age.   Recently whipped cream contains more air so it takes up more volume with less weight.  But the purchased samples will also have the option of the customer being able to select the scent of their choice.

For shaving soap free samples I cut up pucks to make those samples.  But I have just listed the option to purchase smaller mini-pucks as I call them.   I use my mold that has a diameter of 2.5 inches and they weigh about 38 grams when they are freshly made but once the excess liquid has evaporated out they will weigh about 28 grams or 1 ounce.  Customers can also select their scent of choice for these as well.

I do offer them as 1 mini-puck, 2 mini-pucks and 4 mini-pucks.  The price goes down per each mini-puck with the more you buy.  I decided to do this because someone might want to purchase multiple ones for travel or to try different scents out before deciding on a larger puck or a jar.   They are made individually just for you just like the larger puck.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased me in the past and those who will purchase in the future. 


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