Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bottles and Jars ~ Jars and Bottles

Today I received two of the three orders that I've made recently. 

The first order contained the new bottles for my aftershave balm and also lotion.  They are malibu bottles, this means they sit upside down so take advantage of gravity to get most of the product out of the bottle as it empties with use

The 2 oz bottles will be used for my aftershave balm while the 4 oz bottles will be for my lotions.   I didn't order the 6 oz but I do have a few down the basement yet although they have black caps.  But this is a stock picture that I found of the bottles that I purchased.

Then the second order that came today was for other purchased sample size bottles and jars.

I purchased some .5 oz bottles for pre-shave oil purchased samples.   These are white bottles with a flip top cap to dispense the product.  

The other bottle that came in that box is a white euro oval bottle.  They remind me of the shampoo bottles offered in some hotels.   They aren't as flexible as I would have hoped but I still think they will work quite nicely for samples of aftershave bottles.  The size I believe is .89 oz, so will see how much they will actually hold by weight of my aftershave balm.
Last but not least I also ordered regular 2 oz jars to purchased samples of shaving cream.  I also ordered 1 oz jars but they won't be here until next week.  But will see how much they hold by weight of my shaving cream once I do a sample fill.  As I know the cream doesn't have the same weight as it does volume for jars and the FDA requires products to be labeled by weight not volume.

I can't wait until next week when the rest of my order comes that is quite large with the majority of the bottles and jars that I purchased.  I hope you like the new PC look as well as the offering of free samples with purchase as well as the option to purchase samples before buying a full size product.


thetoddmeister said...

Looking forward to seeing your new products up with the new jars. How long will it take to have products ready to go after the jars are in?

krissy said...

Hey Todd, I hope to have them up and on my site before Monday the 3rd. Just got tracking last night and the jars for my faux MdC will be here Tuesday! I've got the pricing info already entered into my soapmaker program that I use for figuring all my pricing. I enter all my orders and it keeps track of the cost of everything that I buy. And when recipes are entered it then in turn can figure out cost at the click of a button which makes life much easier for me. To get the soap made will take about a day and a half for the process. Then it will just be a matter of figuring out how much to fill in each jar and figure out it's bare cost to retail price.