Monday, May 27, 2013

sick day in bed today

as well as yesterday.  it seems my daughter shared her sore throat with me.  but maybe because i lack a spleen its worse than what she had.  or i picked up other germs while i was at the clinic, drug store and grocery store this week.

but apart from the sore throat ive also been running a fever that keeps me in chills one moment and sweating the next.  and the body aches that i cant determine if its from being sick or from my fibromyalgia.  either way i hurt like you know what and its worse than usual. thank goodness for walls to hold onto!

the kids are helping around the house like they did when i was sick before so at least they wont starve.  lol my oldest came in to take my order as she took it upon hetself to order dinner, walk up to pick it up with a check i sign for her.  eating food with my throat makes me cribge so i wil stick with a cold smoothie made with the frozen strawberries and bananas i keep in the freezer with non-dairy almond milk.  such thoughtful thinking.....  my son did bring me a small bowl of greek yogurt earliet and even offered to juice me an orange for the juice.

i didnt turn my computer on either yesterday or today so i will catch up on emails when im feeling a bit better.


posted from my cell phone so please ignore typos and other errors

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