Thursday, May 16, 2013

Updates on New Ingredients To Work With & 3 new Essential Oils

One of the things that I am proud of doing, and that is by not using any pre-made bases.  Instead I buy all individual ingredients and I formulate my own recipes using those ingredients.   Well I have added a couple of more wonderful ingredients to my stash to play with.........

That is including my shaving soap that are not made from a pre-made glycerin soap base like many other artisan soapmakers.  Mine truly is homemade and made in the USA.

But first off before I get into those ingredients I've also added three new essential oils.  I will enter them into my store once they have arrived.  I know there are those that prefer essential oils over fragrance oils so I am adding some new ones that won't break the bank.  Sadly some are extremely expensive and makes it hard to swallow the price.  Some are $50 to $70 for 8 ounces and others are even higher than that!  If I did acquire those essential oils I would have to add that to the price of product and few would be willing to pay that difference.   However if you would like to buy your own essential oil I would use it to scent your own with it as I have just done recently for another customer with Rose Absolute Essential Oil.  Just some food for thought for you.

* Lemongrass Essential Oil

* Grapefruit Essential Oil

* Tangerine Essential Oil

I have added the following extract which I plan on incorporating into an aftershave balm as well as a hand/body lotion and possibly a cooling menthol foot cream.  

* Comfrey Leaves Extract
The extract is emollient, healing, anti-inflammatory, astringent, promotes tissue repair and is moisturizing to the skin. 

* Horsetail Grass Extract
The extract is an astringent, healing, texturizer, elasticizer, high in silica, adds strength & sheen to hair and is good for the skin.

* Ivy Extract
Ivy has long been known to be an astringent, stimulant, anti-cellulite, anti-blotchiness and a wonderful skin healer.

* Sea Buckthorn Extract
This extract is used as an antioxidant, anti-aging, acne, anti-inflammatory, emollient,and cell healing and regeneration agent.  

* Carrot Extract
This extract is high in vitamins A and E and beta carotene.  It is an anti-inflammatory, soothing chapped and uncomfortable skin.  It is thought to bring balance to the moisture in both skin and hair as a conditioning agent.

* Mallow Extract
This extract was cherished by the Ancient Romans for it's soothing and protecting properties to dry and sensitive skin.  It is commonly used in skincare preparations to reduce inflammation. 

But one other oil I also added was Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil.  This oil I plan on also using in a shaving soap.   But I am unsure if it should be a vegan shaving soap or a tallow one.  If you have any thoughts or ideas to that please feel to leave a comment here.   But I thought it would be a wonderful addition into a shaving soap just as the commercial made one that also uses this ingredient.   

* Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil
This is a cold processed oil that has a dark red-orange color and is perfect or adding regenerative properties to your products.  There is a stronger odor with this oil but it shouldn't prevent anyone from using this oil. 

I will be needing a few testers for my new ASB and shave soap made with the sea buckthorn and other extracts.  My current two ASB will remain in my store as the recipes are tested, tried and well liked.  The same goes for my other shaving soaps, they will remain, but this will give one more option.......   So if you are interested please drop me an email and let me know why you would like to be considered as a tester for me.  Results will need to be posted on the shave nook forum for all to see.  

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