Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Scents For December...... all because I needed LIME!

I needed to order more lime fragrance oil but try as I might I have ONLY found one supplier to provide the lime that is just a single note of pure clean and fresh lime scent.   So while I was there I picked up the following scents.

Sharp, citrusy green. The perfect skin cooler on a hot summer’s day!

Forest Pine
The pure pine scent you love for the holidays – Christmas trees in the snow. This is clean and energizing; breathe deep, and imagine you’re in the woods on a snowy evening.

Country Spice
Fresh spices, from the tang of clove to the warmth of cinnamon – a baker’s dream.

Homme L'Occitane type
A masculine blend of lavender, nutmeg, cinnamon, tonka bean and musk.

Milk & Honey
Creamy, fresh white scent (mmm…milk!) and sweet honey straight from the comb. A perfect, farm-fresh mix.
I LOVE the scent of the Pre de Provence bath soap that has the scent name of "milk".  But I am not fond of how that soap feels on my skin.  There is too much coconut oil or palm kernel oil in it leaving it feeling dry and itchy, but then I've been spoiled by bath soap that is well balanced!    So I thought this would be a fun alternative to try out.  

The Hawaiian floral – a lush sweet tropical flower. This is a strong clean floral that is unique and loved by many.

A delicate floral that will send you back to the Scottish moors. Imagine standing in a field of this delicate flower as the mist rises – relaxing and fragrant.
I thought this would be a great scent to make into my shaving soap that has alcohol in it.  Not just a splash for label appeal but a generous amount as I've been able to do.  I already have a tallow & rum (made with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum) so why not Tallow & Scottish Whiskey scented like the heather of the Scottish moor!   Now just to figure out what Scottish Whiskey to buy and use for it when it arrives....  I'm looking forward to this one! 

Orange Blossom
A bit of orange (just a squeeze!) with a bold, clean white floral top note.
When I was in the hospital in Rochester the hubby bought me a tube of an artisan type lotion in the hospital gift shop because I didn't have my own from home so he could rub my back.  I was so stiff and sore from spending so much time laying in bed so back rubs were kinda nice.  It was The Naked Bee brand and I highly recommend that brand if you don't buy mine that is.  LOL  But I absolutely fell in love with the scent, Orange Blossom & Honey.   So that is why I picked up this scent.    

The ultimate floral, soft and sweet with a note of jasmine. Considered a potent aid to romance!

Plus the following scents in 1/2 ounce sample bottles.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Women Type
Inspired by her love of layering unexpected fragrances, Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely is soft, powdery, discrete and very intimate, it's typically announced as 'silky white amber'. It opens with soft citrusy (nectarine and bergamot) and woodsy (rosewood) notes with a touch of lavender, which is very discrete and not at all sharp. The fragrance further develops with the notes of white narcissus, orchid and patchouli. The base unites white amber, cedar, woodsy notes and white musk. This is an excellent dupe! It is great in soy and safe for bath and body!

Ed Hardy for Men Type
Bright and tantalizing citrus effects of Bergamot & Mandarin are touched by the aromatic expressions of Evergreen, Mint Julep, Musk, Amber and the sharp bite of Clary Sage for added zest.

Juicy Couture Women Type
Lovers of fresh, modern fruity-florals will love our re-creation of this top-selling designer fragrance. Top notes of watermelon, mandarin, and passionfruit lead to a flowery green middle of marigold, crushed leaves, water hyacinth, and tuberose absolute, atop a sweet bed of creme brulee, vanilla, precious woods, and patchouli. Premium Grade Only

Hawaiian Tropics Type
This is our version and smells exactly like the famous brand of tanning lotion known as "Hawaiian Tropic". An awesome coconut nectar with an ever so slight hint of banana.

Viva la Juicy Women Type

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